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Einar Aufurth

Miriam Frieding

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Christine Lüth

Yaşar Ohle

Dr. Lukas Theune

Hanna Übach

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Anna Münzner

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Lisa Lührs

Social Rights

In the field of Social Rights, we can both advise and represent you, in particular, in all problems in the area of SGB II (benefits from the Job Center, "Hartz IV"). The questions and barriers to foreigners obtaining social benefits are one of our focus areas.

Administrative Law

We can advise and represent you comprehensively in administrative proceedings — especially in contended proceedings — and in court. In urgent cases, we conduct summary court proceedings on your behalf.

As a rule, however, we do not file applications for you, and we cannot help you fill out forms and documents. If you need assistance with this — especially if you do not speak German— there are numerous counseling centers, some of which we closely cooperate with:
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Other topics

Our other areas in Social Rights and Law include:

The Initial Consultation

Please call to make an appointment, and be sure to bring all letters and important documents to the consultation. These often include bank statements, rental agreements or contracts, and proof of income and financial means. If you earn a low income, you could be entitled to aid. Please check your eligibility beforehand. If you qualify for aid, obtain a so-called counseling aid certificate from the local district court before your initial consultation. In addition, we charge the statutory fee of €15.00 for the consultation.

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