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Family Law

In Family Law, we can support you with all legal issues that may arise in your family — whether you are in a relationship or living alone, married, or in a registered civil partnership.

We support you if you want to get divorced; if the parentage of a child is unclear, and if the paternity needs to be contested.

Documents are often sources of complication. One common instance is a birth certificate, especially if someone in your family was not born in Germany. A common example is birth certificates, especially if someone was not born in Germany— we support you with this challenge, too. If you want to marry a non-German, we will guide you through the complicated procedure. Since we are also active in Migration Law, we can always consider the implications of Residency Law.

Make an appointment— payment options are available for those with a low income.

Contact us, and we will carefully look at all your possible outcomes. If court proceedings are already underway at the family court d) you do not pay any fees for legal representation or court fees. We will inform you about this during an initial consultation. For this consultation, you can obtain a consulting aid certificate (Beratungshilfeschein) from your local district court.

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