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Einar Aufurth

Miriam Frieding

Carolin Kaufmann

Christine Lüth

Yaşar Ohle

Dr. Lukas Theune

Hanna Übach

Legal Office Partnership

Anna Münzner

Thomas Jennissen

Former Lawyers

Lisa Lührs


During the first consultation, we will always inform you of the likely legal costs of your case. The amounts of our legal fees are regulated by law. These differ greatly depending on which field of law.

Initial Consultation

For the initial consultation, we usually charge between €90.00 and €190.00 (plus VAT). Please feel enquire about this via phone. If you have legal insurance, the costs may be covered. There are various avenues for people with low incomes to get assistance with legal fees.

Low-Income Assistance

For a first consultation, you can apply for a consulting assistance certificate at the local court of your legally registered address. Please first check the requirements yourself and obtain a so-called “Beratungshilfeschein” from the local district court before the first consultation. In addition, we charge a fee of €15.00 for the consultation (RVG VV 2500):

For representation in court, you have the option of applying for legal aid for court and procedural costs.

If you have any questions about the forms, please contact one of the listed counseling centers.

Counseling centers → Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln
Counseling services for immigrants from South-Eastern Europe

→ Amaroforo e.V.
Counseling services in Bulgarian, Romanian and Romanian people

→ Kulturen im Kiez e.V.
Social counseling for newly immigrated families from the European Union

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Social Counseling, Friedrichshain District Office, Warschauer Str. 23, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain, sb-fhain@gmx.de - Tuesday and Thursday: 1-5 p.m.

→ KuB, contact and advice center
for Refugees and Migrants e. V.

Advice on questions concerning asylum law and the right of residence, support with psychological and social problems

→ more adresses for refugee council (PDF)

→ Council Berlin

→ Medibüro
Anonymous and free medical treatment regardless of residence status

→ no-border advice

→ Ermittlungsausschuss Berlin
Legal support group on repression around left-wing political actions, office hours Tuesdays from 20-22 hrs.

Contact 030 23 56 44 36